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Mega Harvest

Mega Harvest

Significantly advance five key outreach areas by 2020.

Financial Health

Financial Health

Achieve surplus budgets for the next 3 years and improve our cash flow.

Accelerated Loan Repayments

Accelerated Loan Repayments

Address the principal and reduce interest payments on our loan.


Multicultural Outreach

Position our Persian and Chinese ministries to impact Australia and beyond with the Gospel. Grow our kingdom impact through non-English worship and witness.

  • Additional support for Sam and James to make their work sustainable and fruitful.
  • Fund study and speaking opportunities for our multicultural pastors to grow and share their leadership capacity.
  • Strengthen our inclusion of non-English speakers in worship gatherings, Communities of Hope and governance meetings at NewHope.
  • Grow our NewHope Global ‘footprint’ by strengthening our engagement with and support of our global partners.
  • Further support the exciting overseas outreach of our non-English congregations. (You can attend the confidential briefing in early 2018).

Campuses Outreach

Multiply the vital witness and social impact of the gospel in Melbourne by extending our reach beyond the Blackburn campus.

  • Croydon: Provide community outreach venue solutions. Explore a car repairs ministry.
  • Surrey Hills: Establish a worship gathering. Initiate the Coach program.
  • Develop an online campus with NewHope sermons streaming to the web and chatroom support.
  • Discern and plant a fourth Campus of NewHope, as and when God leads us.
  • Contribute substantially to the BUV ‘Grow, Give, Go’ initiative in Melbourne’s growth corridors
  • (You can attend a briefing in early 2018)

Communities of Hope

30 dynamic new Communities of Hope by 2020 that disciple and evangelise effectively. Grow and support the existing Communities of Hope.

  • Invest in training our people and developing even better systems to encourage participation in groups and foster effective outreach together.
  • Provide user-friendly database support for all our Communities of Hope
  • Appoint a Communities of Hope ‘chaplain’ to help foster links and support leaders
  • (You can attend a briefing in early 2018)

Family Outreach

Expand and deepen our age-based programs adding more children, youth, families and seniors. Create more and better opportunities for people to meet Jesus.

  • Strengthen our growing children’s and families work with additional staff support.
  • Build a wide support base for our excellent generational ministries and invest in scaling them up to embrace more people and offer even better experiences of community and witness.
  • Engage in dynamic schools ministry. Develop the successful ‘Kids Hope’ program.
  • (You can attend a briefing in early 2018)

Leadership Development

NewHope is a leadership development hothouse where emerging leaders grow quickly and established leaders flourish. We develop leaders for kingdom work throughout Australia.

  • Invest in leadership recruitment, training, mentoring, interning, retooling and deploying.
  • Establish NewHope Training with online resources and intensive on-site training courses.
  • Publish excellent leadership and ministry resources developed by our senior staff and experienced leaders through NewHope Publishing.
  • (You can attend a briefing in early 2018)


NewHope's Church Council invites you to invest in Seeds of Hope 2020. We are excited about a Mega Harvest in our city and grateful for your participation in this three-year initiative. As we pray, act and give God will advance his mission through us. What a privilege. Our faith is rising. Won't you join us?

    Participate in Seeds of Hope

    ‘Seeds of Hope 2020’ calls for a commitment from each person at NewHope so we can achieve something truly fantastic together – a ‘Mega Harvest’! Seeds of Hope is about investing in things that are spiritually important and eternally significant. Your sacrificial giving will unlock incredible community opportunities and transform individual lives forever!

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